Who is BrainsFirst?

BrainsFirst is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Eric Castien who made the link between the need to identify talent potential on the football field with next-gen neuroscience assessments developed by Andries van der Leij and Ilja Sligte. 

This mission started in 2012 with 4 years of research and in recent years, BrainsFirst has found that the product solves an existing problem in Elite Sports and Business. We help companies such as AZ, PSV and Feyenoord, but also Deloitte, IMC and Air Traffic Control Netherlands to recognize both high potential and hidden potential. Specifically, our clients create their traditional job requirements on the basis of cognitive competencies and find the brains that suit their jobs. That way they can be full of confidence opening up atypical talent pools and discover new candidates from the potential that has always existed. BrainsFirst contributes to a future in which the naturally present potential of every talent can be better matched. In this way supply and demand on the labor market are better balanced.

We are a small and effective team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, in pursuit of our shared 2020 goals, based in MediArena Amsterdam. Collectively we place a high value on results, autonomy, delivery, curiosity and learning, and the drive to keep learning. 

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